Die Familienbildungsstätte in der Friedensstraße

Friedensstraße 5
48145 Münster

Tel.: 0251-39 29 08-0

English conversation (Niveau B1/B2)

This is a course for advanced learners who would like to keep on training their spoken skills. We don?t use a course book, so you have a lot of possibilities to bring in your own favourites like reviews on movies, books, theatre ? even articles about politics, your recommendations of cooking recipes and anything else that interests you. Grammar structures could be reviewed, if needed, but the most important thing is to expand your knowledge. Have fun in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere - and join us?

Kursnummer: 40322
Kursleitung: Ulla Jasper
Qualifikation: Pensionierte Lehrerin Sek.II, Sprachkursleiterin in versch. Bildungseinrichtungen
Ort: Anna-Kr?ckmann-Haus e.V.

Erw.: € 117,00

Kursbeginn: 17.08.2022
Anzahl der Termine: 15

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